Virus Removal

Our process for getting you back in action ASAP


Determine the level of infection

Our technician will run several scans across the machine and generate reports to determine the level of infection.
Low level viruses will be removed at this stage where possible.


Remove malicious code

Secondary scans will run to ensure successful removal of all infections without damaging the operating system. We will conclude with final tests and scans to ensure that the system is stable and undamaged.


Limit exposure to reinfection.

We'll recommend the best course of action for moving forward and help put into action computer security best practices in order to prevent further damage or data loss.

Low level infections generally will be dealt with by software tools. In the event of extensive infections we will advise of the best and most cost effective course of action to get you back up and running.

Where the system is extremely infected we will determine the best course of action and work together with you to delvop a plan for moving forward.

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